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The website has been realized by the Unit of Statistics of the Italian National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità - ISS) within the framework of a project financed by the Italian Ministry of Health. It is an effective tool to evaluate the health profile of the Italian population in terms of mortality and hospitalizations (current data flows) at different levels: nation, regions, local health units.

The site has been developed with open source technologies and components and it is available on computers and on portable devices, e.g. smartphones and tablets.

Health profiles can be displayed as graphs and as tables. The adopted statistical methodology allows the comparison of health profiles at all levels (local health unit vs region, local health unit vs local health unit, Regions vs Italy).

The dynamic nature of the site also allows its implementation with new contents, such as incidence data (at present on an experimental basis) from the Cancer Registries (in collaboration with AIRTUM – the Italian Association of Cancer Registries).

Requests of information can be sent to the dedicated email address.